PowerPoint Presentation for a Job Interview

by admin on June 12, 2012

The point of a PowerPoint presentation for a job interview is not, as many people think; to show how good you are at presentations but to bring out your communication and social skills. To see how you cope with being under pressure by giving the presentation in front of a recruitment panel.

Many candidates fail to see the point of a presentation and think it’s about showing how intelligent and clever they are. This is wrong, the content of the presentation is irrelevant, what employers are looking for is how you deliver it. How confident you are speaking in front of other people, how persuasive you are.

A presentation is also a good way to show an employer your ability to think logically and follow arguments through in a logical manner. It’s also a good exercise for employers to see how you react under the pressure of rigorous questioning and disagreements over the argument you put forward through your presentation.

One of the main reasons employers like to make candidates give a PowerPoint presentation for a job interview is so they can access your ability to persuade. Being able to bring people on board and convince people is an essential requirement for any job in a managerial position.

It’s your ability to persuade, to convince, to carry people with you. It’s how confident you are standing up in front of people that are being assessed, not how clever you are at putting together a job interview presentation

There is an element of selling in a presentation because every presentation is created to convince people to accept a specific argument. If you are applying for a managerial position you will have to persuade people that a strategy you want to implement is the right one to solve an issue or to move the company forward.

PowerPoint presentation for a job interview has become a standard part of the recruitment process, especially for managerial positions whether senior or junior.

This can be an advantage for applicants who give many presentations as part of their current or past jobs but if you have never given a presentation you shouldn’t worry too much about it. If you have good social and interactive skills you won’t have any problem.

Make sure the argument you are putting forward follows logically, each point following logically from the next. It’s irrelevant whether the argument is wrong as long as it follows a logical pattern. This show clear thinking.

Many companies will ask you to prepare a fifteen minute job interview presentation about anything you want. The subject matter is irrelevant, it’s your thinking, confidence and social skills that are being tested along with your ability to persuade and how you react to disagreement.

The secret of giving a successful PowerPoint presentation for a job interview is to be confident. Here’s a few good tips for giving excellent presentations:


As with all public speaking everything hinges on your confidence. You can’t persuade others if you’re not confident yourself. If you are nervous about standing up in front of an audience, and most of us are when it comes to strangers. Apply some techniques to help you like breathing techniques for example. Also a good technique is to remember that the people you are talking to are just people.

Normal people like you. They would also be nervous about giving a job interview presentation in front of strangers.PowerPoint Presentation for a Job Interview

Know Your Subject

If you are given a subject to give the job interview presentation about, research it thoroughly. Knowing your subject inside out will give you confidence and enable you to speak with authority about it. It will also prepare you to answer any questions that may arise.

Non Verbal Communication

This is as important as what you say. Have a confident posture, no slouching and certainly no hand in the pockets. Persuading is as much about body language as it is about speaking. Make eye contact with each member of the panel when making points.

Clear voicePowerPoint Presentation for a Job Interview

Nerves can make some people try to rush through the presentation, their voice gets faster and faster, you need to avoid this. Keep your voice clear and slow, pause often when you are emphasising points.

PowerPoint presentation for a job interview

Don’t allow the PowerPoint slides to take over the presentation. They are an aid to your argument not the main focus. When each slide comes up don’t just read from it. Your audience can read the points themselves. Add something to each point, a little explanation calmly delivered will show your confidence and your knowledge of the subject.

Be yourself

This is important. Talk like you normally talk, don’t try to speak in some academic way that is unnatural to you. An audience will pick up on this straight away and you will look like a fake. Always be natural and your presentation will come across well.

Giving a PowerPoint presentation for a job interview has become pretty standard today. It’s not something you should worry about. Just stay natural and do your research on the subject. If you are nervous apply some calming techniques like breathing and keep your voice calm.

The best technique in my opinion is not to think about it, put your presentation together, make sure it’s right and just deliver it. I applied this technique to my father of the bride speech and everything went perfectly.



PowerPoint Presentation for a Job Interview: PowerPoint Presentation for a Job Interview:

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